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Terms of Use

Article 1 (Purpose)
This Agreement defines the rights, duties, responsibilities and other necessary matters between Company and its members in using the internet services (hereinafter referred to as "Service") provided by IIC (hereinafter referred to as "Company").

Article 2 (Definitions)
The terms used in here as follows.
① "Member" means a person who has provided personal information to Company and registered as a member, and who can continually use the services provided by the Company.
② "ID" means the combination of letters and numbers determined by member and approved by Company for the identification of members and use of the service.
③ "Password" means the combination of letters and numbers set by member himself or herself on purpose of confirming the identical person that matches with the ID given and securing the confidential information of member.

Article 3 (Publication and Amendment of Terms and Conditions)
① Company shall post the Terms and Conditions at the website so that members can easily check its contents.
② The terms and conditions shall be publically available and effective when agreed by the members.
③ Company may amend the terms and conditions within the extent not violating the related laws such as the regulatory laws on terms and conditions.
④ When Company revises the terms and conditions, Company shall specify the effective date and reason for revision and notify members at the website within 7 days before the effective date.
⑤ The terms and conditions changed and notified at clause 4 above apply to existing members.

Article 4 (Applying for Membership)
① You will be registered as a member by filling out the membership information according to the form designated by Company and applying for membership.
② Where the followings are applicable, Company may not accept membership or may terminate membership.

a. If you signed up for someone else's name
b. If you make a false statement on the application form
c. If you apply for in purpose of violation of related laws or carry out such misconducts
d. If you apply for in purpose of hindering social order or custom or carry out such misbehaviors
e. Threatening the electronic transactions, such as interfering other members to use Service or stealing the information.

③ If Company terminates membership, the membership information will be obsolete. In this case, the member will be given in advanced notice an opportunity to reverse the decision.

Article 5 (Membership Cancellation)
① Member may request Company to cancel the membership at any time, and Company will proceed the membership cancellation immediately.
② If the service that the member is using is not yet expired in Company, the company shall not proceed the cancellation.

Article 6 (Notice to Members)
① When member is notified by Company, it can be done through e-mail, SMS, or telephone submitted by the member to Company.
② In case of notice to unspecified members, it has same effect as the individual notice by posting on Company’s bulletin board for more than one week.

Article 7 (Obligations of Company)
① Company shall do its best to provide continuous and stable service as set in these Terms and Conditions.
② Company shall always seek the best information security by taking administrative and engineering safety measures against the information of members.
③ Company shall immediately deal with the inconveniences and problems arising from customer, if it is deemed justified. However, if it is difficult to take imminent actions, the customer will be immediately notified of the reason and the action schedule.
④ Company shall actively cooperate with the requests of the consumer protection group and the public sectors for data needed for promoting the consumer protection works.

Article 8 (Obligations of Member)
① Member shall comply with the requirements set in this agreement, the relevant laws and regulations, and the notifications of Company.
② The responsibility of all the management of the member's ID and password is within the member and should not be made known to the third party.
③ If the member's ID and password are stolen or recognized as being used by a third party, it should be immediately notified to Company and follow the instructions by Company.
④ Where the clause 3 is applicable, Company shall not be held in responsibilities for any disadvantages resulted in failure to notify Company of the facts or to follow the instruction by Company.
⑤ The member is liable to make compensation on the loss caused by the member to either Company or other members.

Article 9 (Provision of Services)
① The Company may divide Services into a certain sector and separately set the access time available for each sector. In such a case, the changes shall be announced in advance.
② It is principle to provide Service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
③ Company may temporarily suspend the provision of services in case of maintenance, replacement, breakdown, hacking, communication failure or significant operational reasons for the IT equipments such as computers. In this case, Company shall notify the members in the manner prescribed in Article 6 Notice to Members. However, if the interruption of Service cannot be notified in advance due to unexpected circumstances, Company can notify the members after the interruption.
④ The Company may carry out the periodical maintenance on system necessary for the provision of services, and the maintenance schedule will be posted on the website.

Article 10 (Change of Service)
① The Company may change all or some of its Service provided to members when there is a significant reason for operational and technical needs.
② If there is any change in the content, usage method, and usage time of Service, the reasons for change, information to be changed, and the effective date will be posted on the website for 7 days or more before the effective date.
③ The Company may modify, suspend or change any or all of Services provided in free of charge in accordance with the policy and operation requirements of Company, and will not make any compensation to the members.

Article 11 (Interpretation of Terms & Conditions and Jurisdiction)
① Any matters that are not stipulated in the terms and conditions and the interpretation of the terms and conditions shall be governed by the relevant laws and practices.
② In the event of any dispute between Company and the member, it shall be submitted to the relevant court in Republic of Korea.

This Agreement will be effective from 13 December 2016.