since 2001

Conformity Assessment Body

One Stop Solution Needed for Various Certification Services

  • Approval for Certification

    1) If the implementation of corrections and corrective actions of any major nonconformity is not verified within 6 months after the last day of stage 2, Stage 2 audit is re-implemented prior to recommending certification. 2) In case of major/minor nonconformity, the certification is granted after the completion of all corrective actions is confirmed through document review or if necessary at onsite. 3) If the nonconformity occurred at the sampling site, the certification is granted when the same corrective action is taken place at all the rest of sites.

  • Suspension

    1) Failure to maintain the certified management system 2) Rejecting the regular audit schedule without any specific reason 3) Certificate and certification logos are misused 4) Requirements of the Certification Audit Agreement are infringed; or 5) Suspension is voluntarily requested.

  • Withdrawal

    1) Certification is obtained through deception or other illegal manners; 2) No remedy is taken for the suspension; or 3) All corrective actions are not successfully closed out prior to the expiry of certification.

  • Extension or Reduction of Certification Scope

    1) The change request is assessed within the regular audit schedule; or 2) The change request is assessed in an additional special audit.

  • Reinstatement

    1) If the issue that has resulted in the suspension has been resolved within 6 months, the suspended certification is restored. 2) If the issue that has resulted in the suspension has not been resolved and the suspension exceeds 6 months, IIC withdraws the certification or reduces the scope of certification.