since 2001

Conformity Assessment Body

Continual Professional Development and Improvement


Course Duration

QM Module (2 days, 16 hr.)
QM Module + AU Module + TL Module (4 days, 32 hr.)
Observation & Written Examination (Passing Grade: over 70%)

Course Objectives

Understanding of the purpose of QMS, audit principles, process, audit techniques and risk management.

Understanding of purpose, context, and interrelationship of ISO 9000, 9001, 9004 & 19011.

Understanding and application of requirements of ISO 9001 Standard

Performing the auditor role play to make an audit plan, conduct an audit, write an audit report and take a follow-up action in accordance with ISO 19011 auditing guideline.

Learning Methods

The course is composed of lecture, discussion, workshop and case study. About two third of the time will be spent on course practices based on learning. A mock examination will be provided and discussed throughout the course to help students to be familiar with the style of the examination.