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Industrial Code Classification

Industrial Code Classification ISO 9001/14001 ISO 45001
01 Agriculture, fishing
02  Mining and Quarrying
03  Food products, beverages and tobacco
04  Textiles and textile products
05  Leather and Leather products
06  Wood and wood products
07   Pulp, Paper and paper products
08  Publishing companies
09  Printing companies
10  Manuf. of coke and refined petroleum products X
11  Nuclear fuel
12  Chemicals, chemical products and fibers
13  Pharmaceuticals
14   Rubber and plastic products
15  Non-metallic mineral products
16   Concrete, cement, lime, plaster, etc.
17   Basic metals and fabricated metal products
18  Machinery and equipment
19   Electrical and optical equipment
20  Shipbuilding
21  Aerospace
22   Other transport equipment
23  Manufacturing not elsewhere classified
24   Recycling
25   Electricity Supply
26   Gas Supply
27   Water Supply
28   Construction
29   Wholesale and retail trade: Repair of motor vehicles,
      motorcycles and personal and household goods
30  Hotels and restaurants
31   Transport, storage and communication N/A for Sea/Land/Air Transport
32   Financial intermediation; real estate; renting
33   Information Technology
34   Engineering services
35   Other Services
36   Public administration
37   Education
38   Health and social work
39   Other social services N/A for Sport and Recreational activity
40   Medical Devices, medical products

(IAF ID 1: 2014)

Food Chain Category

A Farming of Animals AI Farming of Animals for Meat / Meat / Milk/Eggs/Honey Raising animals(ather htan fish and seafood)used for meat production, egg production, milk production or honey production Growing, keeping, trapping and hunting(slaughtering at point of hunting)

Associated farm packing and storage
AII Farming of Fish and Seafood Raising fish and seafood used for meat production Growing, trapping and fishing (slaughtering at point of capture) Associated farm packing and storage
B Farming of Plants BI Farming of Plants (other than grains and pulses) Growing or harvesting of plants (other than grains and pulses): horticultural products(fruits, vegetables, spices, mushrooms, etc.) and hydrophytes for food
BII Farming of Grains and Pulses Growing or harvesting of grains and pulses for food
Associated farm packingb and storageAssociated farm packingb and storage
C Food Manufacturing CI Processing of perishable animal products Production of animal products including fish and seafood, meat, eggs, dairy and fish products
CII Processing of perishable plant products Production of plant products including fruits and fresh juices, vegetables, grains, nuts, and pulses
CIII Processing of perishable animal and plant products(mixed products) Production of mixed animal and plant products including pizza, lasagne, sandwich, dumpling, readyto-eat meals
CIV Processing of ambient stable products Production of food products from any source that are stored and sold at ambient temperature, including canned foods, biscuits, snacks, oil, drinking water, beverages, pasta, flour, sugar, food-grade salt
D Animal Feed Production DI Production of Feed Production of feed from a single or mixed food source, intended for food-producing animals
DII Production of Pet Food Production of feed from a single or mixed food source, intended for non-food producing animals
E Catering Preparation, storage and, where appropriate, delivery of food for consumption, at the place of preparation or at a satellite unit
F Distribution FI Retail / Wholesale Provision of finished food products to a customer (retail outlets, shops, wholesalers)
FII Food Broking / Trading Buying and selling food products on its own account or as an agent for others
Associated packagingc
G Provision of Transport and Storage Services GI Provision of Transport and Storage Services for Perishable Food and Feed Storage facilities and distribution vehicles for the storage and transport of perishable food and feed
Associated packagingc
GII Provision of Transport and Storage Services for Ambient Stable Food and Feed Storage facilities and distribution vehicles for the storage and transport of ambient stable food and feed
Associated packagingc
H Services Provision of services related to the safe production of food, including water supply, pest control, cleaning services, waste disposal
I Production of Food Packaging and Packaging Material Production of food packaging material
J Equipment manufacturing Production and development of food processing equipment and vending machines
K Production of (Bio) Chemicals Production of food and feed additives, vitamins, minerals, bio-cultures, flavourings, enzymes and processing aids
Pesticides, drugs, fertilizers, cleaning agents

(ISO/TS 22003:2013)