since 2001

Conformity Assessment Body

One Stop Solution Needed for Various Certification Services

01 Certification Inquiry

Applicant requests a quotation by submitting the Application form

02 Preparation of Quotation

IIC prepares quotation within 3 business days

03 Audit Agreement

Applicant accepts quotation and submits Audit Agreement which is duly signed off

04 Audit Plan

After the receipt of Audit Agreement, IIC will notify the applicant with the Audit Plan showing all audit arrangements and auditors.

05 Stage 1 Audit

IIC carries out the stage 1 audit at the client’s premises in order to review the system readiness for the stage 2.

06 Stage 2 Audit

IIC evaluates the implementation, including effectiveness, of the applicant’s management system.

07 Verification of Corrective Action

IIC verification team reviews the corrective action taken by the applicant to determine any follow-up audit needed for verifying the implementation of corrective action.

08 Issuance of Certificate

Once the certification decision committee approves on the issuance of certificate, IIC issues the certificate with a validity of 1 or 3 years and enters the name of client into the online registrar.

09 Annual Surveillance Audit

IIC monitors the representative areas and functions covered by the scope of the management system on a regular basis.

10 Reassessment Audit

IIC performs the triennial assessment to confirm the continued conformity and effectiveness of the management system against all of the requirements of the relevant management system standard or other normative documents.