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ESG Diagnosis Evaluator Training Course in 2023
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(1) Course Name: "ESG Diagnosis Auditor Course"​

(2) Training date: 2023.07.21-22
(3) External Speaker: Lee Na-kyung, CEO of Ian Management Research Institute
(4) This training course covers the understanding and importance of ESG management and the practices of ESG diagnosis and evaluation.
    - Pursuing all interests related to maintaining environmental responsibility, social responsibility and transparent governance
    - Opportunity to increase corporate value (reputation) via corporate credit rating
    - Meeting in future global supply chain criteria
    - Stability of Managements by securing ESG investment funds
    - Introduction of RBA, EcoVadis, and K-ESG, standards of the ESG supply chain for large enterprise such as Hyundai, Samsung, and SK Hynix
    - Group workshop and presentation on ESG case study
    - Course examination


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