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ICT (Information and Communication Technology) Remote Audit
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(1)    IIC established the operation procedures for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and received the JAS-ANZ approval on 25 August 2020.


(2)    ICT remote audit can be carried out with the video conference platforms, such as MS Teams, Zoom, Anydesk, Go-To-Meeting, etc.


(3)    Considerations for ICT Remote Audit:

   The security and confidentiality of electronic or electronically-transmitted information is particularly important.

   A plan on how to review information cannot be shared remotely by using the individual cloud account. Either IIC or client’s medium should be utilized and pre-notified before the ICT remote audit i.e. AI-10-1/[Annex 1] Prerequisites Agreements for ICT Remote Audit.

   The audit time for ICT remote audit should be arranged with an additional 20% of the total audit time compared to the normal onsite audit in purpose of pre-audit preparation.


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