Conformity Assessment Body Since 2001

Specialized for Small and Medium Company
First JAS-ANZ Accredited Body in Korea

ISO Standards established and implemented by International Organization for Standardization is the International Standards well-recognized over the world. The authorized 3rd certification body evaluates and certifies the conformity of the management system of the organization in accordance with the ISO Standards, customer requirements, legal/regulatory requirements and internal requirements.

IInternational Accreditation Forum (IAF) is established among the national accreditation bodies to reduce the technical barrier in commercial trade and break down the protective trade and recognize the certificate issued in another country throughout the mutual recognition agreements.

※ IIC currently signed the contract with IAF to use the IAF logo on the quality, environmental and food safety certificate.

IIC provides the Exemplar Global accredited TPECS (Training Provider Examiner Certification Scheme) auditor raining course. This course is designed to focus on training outcomes (examination of competence), not the training process. IIC complies with the following requirements and guidelines in order to carry out the conformity assessment:

  • ISO 17021

    Requirements for bodies providing audit and certification of Quality / Environmental Management Systems

  • ISO 22003

    Requirements for bodies providing and certification of Food Safety Management Systems

  • JAS-ANZ Procedure 02

    Requirements for bodies providing audit and certification of Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems