• About IIC

    We are the certification body established in
    1999 that provides the 3rd party conformity
    assessment rooted from the auditor training
    body in UK.

  • Certification & Training

    We offer management system certification for quality,
    environmental, food safety and occupational health and
    safety accredited by JAS-ANZ and training
    accredited by Exemplar Global.

  • Business Opportunity

    We are pleased to help you how to become
    an approved certification and/or training partner
    in the country where you are at.

  • Since 1st January 2015, we have required all of our auditors to engage in the voice recording as we respect the preventive actions taken by Korea Accreditation Board which is an agency of Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy in order to prevent from any ISO substandard certification and improve the reliability of its services.

  • News & Notice

  • International Certification Funding Program

    The government will support the small-medium size company for their partial certification cost (50-70%).

  • IIC has established the global networks
    over the world and is ready for answering
    your expectation and need.

  • Contact Us

    Tel : +82 (0)2-6097-9001~4
    Fax : +82 (0)2-6097-9005
    e-mail : info@iicregistrar.com